Good Lord September is almost over.  October is just a week away.  That means  Breaking Dawn tickets go one sale in a week and Christmas is just three months away!  Where did the time go?!

September has proved to be a busy month for Imagine That Books.  Three new titles have been released this month.  My own, Faeries, Fangs, and Fur: Tales from the DarkWorld, and Gary's Moirai and The Amour.  All three are available on Amazon.

Along with the titles that were released this month, we are busy preparing a few other titles for a late 2012 release.  IFaerie Wishes and Jaguar Kisses is being prepped for release in print with an all new DarkWorld short along with it.  Gary is putting the finishing touches on the next title in his Legends of the Da' Nang series. 

 Aside from our own works, we are steadily working towards being ready to accept authors.  Soon we'll be ready to offer wonderful works from other tKeep checking back for updates.  

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